What we do

AV Sanification has been active for many years in the field of cleaning, reclamation and sanitisation of water and air systems for civil, healthcare, industrial and commercial facilities. We provide all sanitisation services and specialise in the design and production of ozone generators and accessories for the sanitisation of environments, furniture, equipment and daily-use items.

AV Sanification products and services include:


✓ Cleaning, reclamation, coating and disinfection/sanitisation of:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Air distribution systems (HVAC)
  • Stand-alone air conditioning systems (split and fan coil)
  • Fume extraction ducts and hoods for industry and catering
Legionella prevention and remediation of water systems

✓ Sampling and monitoring for Legionella risk prevention

✓ Reclamation and disinfection/sanitisation of water distribution systems

✓ Design and installation of continuous sanitisation systems for water networks and swimming pools

✓ Reclamation and sanitisation of cooling towers

Sanitisation treatments

✓ Sanitisation and deodorisation treatments with ozone for environments and surfaces in:

  • clinics/hospitals/healthcare facilities/doctor’s surgeries
  • offices/warehouses/cold rooms/food counters
  • hotel and hospitality facilities
  • schools/gyms/sports facilities/recreational facilities
  • catering and entertainment
  • transport – ships and boats – cars/motorcycles and accessories
  • fresh food/prepared meals/agri-food products
  • water

✓ Sanitisation and deodorisation with ozone of furnishings, clothes, equipment, medical aids and daily-use items

Design and manufacture of sanitisation devices

✓ Design, production and marketing of ozone generation devices and accessories

✓ Design and installation of integrated sanitisation systems