Gyms, sports facilities, beauty and wellness centres, spas

All sports and recreational facilities, wellness centres, spas, beauty centres and anywhere individual personal treatments are provided in common areas must prevent the risk of transmission of pathogens (fungi, moulds, bacteria, viruses, etc.) which, especially in hot, humid environments and with possible stagnant waters such as changing rooms, showers, baths, swimming pools, etc., can proliferate and lead to the onset of infections, fungal infection and other more severe diseases such as legionellosis. They must also avoid persistent unpleasant odours caused by moisture and sweat.

These types of environments lend themselves perfectly to the sanitisation and deodorisation services offered by AV Sanification and its machines to generate environmental ozone or ozonised water. Periodic cyclical sanitisation can drastically reduce the risk of bacteria and microorganism proliferation and offer customers a feeling of comfort, freshness and cleanliness that is both wholly appreciable and appreciated.

Sanificazione con ozono spa
Sanificazione con ozono spa
Sanificazione con ozono piscina
Sanificazione con ozono Centro benessere