Hoods and extractors

Excessive build-up of substances related to the production cycle can occur within the ducts, hoods and impellers of fume extraction and air handling systems without adequate maintenance and cleaning.

The most obvious examples are the hoods and extraction systems used in professional kitchens (restaurants, canteens, catering facilities, etc.)

Indicators of poor cleaning include: grease leaking from joints; excessive dirt on filters; the deposit of grease on surrounding surfaces; excess extractor noise; difficulties in odour removal, etc.

Poor cleaning of the hoods and exhaust ducts can result in: increased risk of fire; elevated system operating costs; clogged, underperforming filters; persistent unpleasant odours; and reduced work quality.

AV Sanification cleans grease-fume hoods and extraction ducts in kitchens using a non-invasive procedure that mechanically removes accumulated grease from the internal surfaces of the ducts and extractor. The procedure involves preparing the system and work environments, which must be secured by segregating the operating area.

The extractor is degreased with specially formulated products before being washed and dried. Duct cleaning involves thoroughly degreasing the internal surfaces through the appropriate access points and using a foam sprayed onto the internal walls with special pressure equipment. The alkaline foam adheres to all horizontal and vertical planes ensuring an intensive degreasing action. The removed grease is then conveyed and collected in special containers. If necessary, the degreasing procedure is repeated several times until the desired cleaning level is reached. The hoods are also degreased both inside and out, then rinsed and reassembled.