Water systems

The scheduled cleaning and disinfection of water systems represents, especially for accommodation and healthcare facilities, the best safeguard to prevent the outbreak and spread of serious diseases, including Legionnaires’ disease.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008, Legionella is classified as a Group 2 pathogen meaning the risk of exposure to Legionella in any work environment requires the implementation of all appropriate safety measures for the full protection for all persons present.

The first task consists in drafting a self-monitoring plan that provides for systematic sampling at multiple water supply points. While there are several possible systems for Legionella containment, identifying the most suitable system for each installation requires careful inspection and a technical study.

AV Sanification carries out water system sampling and microbiological analysis to assess the presence of Legionella and, in the event of contamination, intervenes with repairs and remediation and disinfection treatments on the systems. We also design and manufacture continuous monitoring and sanitisation systems for water networks by installing sanitizer dispensers.


  • Preparation and implementation of the RAD – Risk Assessment Document
  • Sampling of water networks, systems and boilers
  • Microbiological analysis of water for Legionella
  • Shock treatments for remediation and disinfection of water systems
  • Design and construction of continuous sanitisation systems