Ozonised water

Water is naturally home to life and while there are many harmless microorganisms that find their way into our environments there are also others that can cause infections and transmit diseases.

Therefore, water may also require (or at least benefit from) ozone sanitisation treatment that naturally destroys or inactivates potentially harmful microorganisms without the use of chemical disinfectants.

The countless applications of ozonised water include:

  • sanitisation of drinking water
  • water sanitisation for swimming pools, spas, wellness centres etc.
  • sanitisation of water used for laundry (e.g. household and industrial washing machines)
  • sanitisation of water used in industrial and agro-industrial processes
  • sanitisation of livestock facilities
  • sanitisation of water used for domestic cleaning
  • sanitisation of water used for washing foodstuffs

Ozonised water can more generally be used as a disinfectant for any instrument that comes into contact with it and AV Sanification designs and manufactures ozone generators and ozonised water storage and distribution systems for any specific need