About Us

AV Sanification is founded on solid experience in cleaning and sanitising HVAC systems for civil, healthcare and industrial facilities.  We aim to develop new technological tools to sanitise environments and daily-use items using natural solutions, such as ozone.

Thanks to a team of expert and motivated technicians and professionals, AV Sanification is a dynamic, flexible and growing company operating throughout the country either directly or through its network of partners.

The company offers a wide range of products and services for cleaning and sanitising air and water systems, as well as ozone sanitisation of environments, furniture, furnishings and daily-use items in the civil, healthcare and industrial sectors.

After years of intensive research and experimentation, AV Sanification has started production of an innovative series of ozone generators suitable for all facilities (healthcare, tourism, commercial, infrastructure, etc.) requiring total environment sanitisation.

AV Sanification know-how allows us to design and implement any type of traditional and ozone sanitisation, which includes creating special machinery for specific needs.

Our company structure

Our corporate structure